Why you should LOVE the show RODEO GIRLS!!!!!!!

ImageI know that most everyone who runs barrels is proud to be jumping on the “The A&E show Rodeo Girls is a disgrace to women in rodeo” bandwagon. A matter of fact after watching the promo trailer, I too thought that the show was going to be a complete joke. But after watching both episodes, I have to say that the docu-drama reality show is pretty darn accurate. I have a feeling that most of the people who are holding true to their beliefs that the show is a disgrace have either a)never actually watched any of the episodes or b) have actually never competed in any rodeo circuit. Now there are a few things that don’t ring true. Like the going to bed and breakfast joint prior to heading to Red Bluff and it’s apparent that some of the scenes are completely staged, but there’s a lot of truth to things they show in the show including jealously of girls with more money, who can buy faster, nicer horses or the guy who can’t make up his mind with which girl he likes, or the truck that is breaking down and there is no money to fix it or a veteran barrel racer tying her horse to a wash rack when she knows he sets back, husbands that ask their wives to not go to so many rodeos, or the rookie who isn’t having much fun gettting her *ss handed to her because she just isn’t tough enough to get a check.

The promo poster for Rodeo Girls, showing a barrel racer in a pink bikini is what set many people off. I actually appreciated the poster. Is bikini barrel racing part of rodeo? Well No, but it got people’s attention and in the second episode, they say “bikini barrel racing is not part of rodeo” I appreciated the poster because you could tell the girl, was a real barrel racer and not a yahoo. Her tack was what you would expect to see used by a professional and she sat up straight on her horse, with perfect form, legs and hands in the exact position that you would expect. I would rather see that, than someone fully clothed and riding like a goof, that you knew would never win a check for the life of them.

I do think they use the word “b*tches” a little too much. If one of my friends called me that more than once in a joking way, believe me, we would have a talking. There is a little too much make-up. The real life is that most of these girls don’t put on their make-up until it matters. Fact is that shavings and dust will stick to your face, if you put too much foundation on and mascara runs when you sweat. But there are other things that I do appreciate, for example in every dating scene the girl ends up going back to her trailer alone, at one point one of the cowboys actually suggests a kiss and the girl ends up suggesting that he just “yell for her to kick and whip her horse” during the next days performance. One thing that most people should understand is that although many of these “Rodeo Girls” are girls, young and stupid or experienced and reckless, is that these girls do have street smarts. Most of them are not helpless and they actually can stand to be pretty good role models for girls growing up. So I say give the show a chance and take it for what it is…. A scripted reality show with Hollywood roots. The sport of Rodeo is getting smaller and smaller in popularity as urban centers of this country continue to grow. I’m grateful that we are actually getting a shot at the spotlight, even if it is only 6 episodes. Below you can watch the first two episodes. It will air again tonight at 10/9 central on A&E.




  1. Omg – I just saw this show for the first time last week and was going to ask you about it. You should TOTALLY be on that show!!! Gotta read your post. Good to see you writing again. 🙂

  2. The show is a puke ! I know real barrel racers and rodeo people and they don’t act , dress , or talk such vulgarity as the people in this show do ! My family rodeos and barrel races and they don’t act liken drunken whores or sluts , and they don’t talk about who’s gona get laid or who they are gona try to sleep with !

    1. Actually I do Rodeo! Which you would know if you had actually looked at the other posts on the blog. Having said that. I still appreciate your opinion. 🙂

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