Spirit of The Blog

“Dreamers of the Day are Dangerous, for they may act upon their Dreams with open eyes to make them Possible!” — TE Lawrence

When The Cowgirl Manifesto started 4 years ago, it was aimed at being a blog that inspired people across the country to follow the pursuits of life that helped them become the best version of themselves. Unfortunately, it has fallen short in depth due to my reservations of telling you my past and the true inspiration behind my writing, my stories and really… my inspiration to get out of bed every morning. On the outside I look just like your normal rodeo cowgirl. I look like a person who had a normal childhood, went to college, started a career and bought a house…end of story. I look like someone who loves to talk about lovely things, like dreams, and  goals and looking pretty. But really that isn’t me.

So, who am I?

I am a child of multiple traumatic events, starting with a Suicide-Murder attempt in my home when I was 8 years old. I am a child of a Drug and Alcohol abusing parents. I am a child who laid her father to rest at the age of 14. I am a child who moved out at 15 and slept on a couch until I graduated from high school. I am someone who has seen the darkest of dark days. I have learned to see positives in life. I have learned that hard work leads to success, but also disappointment. I know that having faith in a higher power is the foundation of my survival. I know that sometimes you just have to keep moving and eventually it falls together.

As the voice of the Cowgirl Manifesto, I hope to promote intriguing conversation that will lead to a Life Well Lived. The cowgirl/cowboy lifestyle is one that is innate in all people and although you may not know it, it can/will help you get through some of life’s hardest challenges, as it has me. The idea is simple, follow your dreams and never give up, survive, laugh at yourself more than you laugh at others, and dedicate yourself to growing self worth, happiness, compassion, humbleness and spirit. Whether you have lived in the city your entire life or have never faced the challenge of crossing a 6 lane freeway in rush hour traffic, we all have that common spirit that links us.

So Cheers!

Here’s to dancing in the rain, having fun, getting dirty with your best friends, knowing when and when not….to act like a Lady and realizing that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

–Marissa Burger, Author of The Cowgirl Manifesto



  1. I like your blog. You posted a story about the Glen Rose accident – Karen Wyatt’s horse ASH. Karen and I went to junior high school – HS together. I made a Tribute Video for her. The ink is below, if you would like to post to your page and blog.

  2. I like you’re blog. I like that you actually do interviews and research. I share a passion for horses, barrel racing, and life. Thank you for sharing your story with love and courage.

  3. “I know that having faith in a higher power is the foundation of my survival.”

    I agree. Thank you for sharing

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