Cry if you need to… but still finish the race!

bostonmarathonThe images coming across the airwaves about the Boston Marathon Bombings are disturbing to say the least! I just can’t believe this type of thing keeps happening over and over again. In places that we are supposed to feel safe! People should be able to take their kids to school (Sandy Hook) and know they will be protected! They should be able to drop them off at a Day Care Center (Oklahoma City Bombing) and know they will be safe! Go to work in Manhattan and come home to their family (9/11)! Families should be able to go a Marathon and cheer on runners without fear of being blown up! But the reality is that this is not the world we live in. It’s sad and crazy, but I have finally accepted that anything is now possible and maybe I have been one of the people who blindly thought that tragedy is rare and miracles occur often. I know that there are probably hundreds of people that have stories about how they weren’t in the blast locations because of a multitude of random events that occurred, but still I can’t help but think of the 3 people that have lost their lives including one little boy and the many others that are facing amputations, life altering deformities and possibly death because of this act of terrorism.

If you have never been to a Marathon, the spirit, the people, the atmosphere is just infectious. It’s very similar to what you feel at a rodeo or barrel race, minus all the catty gossip and smack talking. I may not be in the inner circle with runners and maybe that is why I don’t see that side of it, but needless to say I think because there are so many runners (thousands) it’s a little hard to bad mouth and be catty. That is one of the things that makes me so sad about this whole thing, not that one tragedy is ever worse than another, but the fact that these people were all Showing off our Shiny!running for their own reasons. People were making memories and accomplishing something they will never forget for the rest of their lives. Crossing things off their bucket list… and now some A-Hole has completely ruined it and ruined peoples lives.

You don’t hear heckling at a marathon, people actually come to just cheer the runners on, whether they know them or not. I’ve never done over a 10k (6.2 miles) but let me tell you I wish I could go back and thank every single spectator who cheered while I was running. Sometimes I don’t think I would have made it without them. It’s like they showed up like angels, somewhere around mile 4. I was reaching the end of my playlist so I knew I was getting close, but I was also getting to a distance that I had never run before. Because of the metal plate and screws in my leg, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to have to walk the last mile or if I could finish the run without stopping. I had never gone over 5 miles without stopping. At mile 5, a song came on that made me think of my Dad and how proud he would have been to see me run. He was always so supportive of my horses, but I think sometimes he wished I was a little more of a city girl. He would have been proud to brag on me about this, with every year that goes by since he passed away when I was 14, I realize more and more what a true loss it really was. It made me sad to think that he couldn’t see me. I began to just weep, tears and sweat running down my face. But I didn’t stop, there really was no reason to stop. I think I was more surprised about the emotions I was feeling and the fact that I had to completely wear myself out to get to a point that I let it all go. Once I stopped weeping and wiped the snot and sweat from my face, I talked myself out of the tears and then realized, he could see me! So I was really crying for no reason. I finished the race with a smile and high-fived a women in about her 50’s running with braided pig tails as I approached the line. I will never ever ever forget it.

Now some jerk has ruined that same experience for others to say the least. A mother and father are going to lay down to sleep tonight knowing they will never see their beautiful little boy again. Absolute crap! We live in the United States of America, supposedly the greatest country in the entire world…. This is why I never made it in the “News” business. I can’t handle witnessing all of the sad stories. When I was a news writer/producer, I had a box of kleenex on my desk for what my editor called “Super Sad Stories.” I would just cry and type and cry and type. My heart couldn’t handle it.

Now I’m facing another decision and I’m going to leave it up to you guys?

I was thinking about doing the Oklahoma City Half Marathon in two weeks. I have been thinking about it for about a month now, well before thisokc marathon tragedy. Up until yesterday, I was seriously thinking about doing it. I mean the finisher medals are so pretty, but now it doesn’t seem very smart to go to a Marathon which commemorates a bombing, two weeks after a bombing at a marathon. Do you think I should go? Do you think it would be stupid or is it the very thing that we need to do to show that we aren’t going to tolerate terrorism? I’m not so sure and I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Do it. If you stay home scared, the bad guys win. Trust that God will be with you, and go on. I love your blog, but this one really touched me.

  2. Do it! We can’t burrow our heads in the sand and be scared to live life. It happened, it will happen again, but you have to live life to its fullest.

  3. Do it! It isn’t about commemorating the bombing but rather the people who’s life’s were lost and all of those who’s life’s are changed forever. It’s about commemorating all the brave selfless people who went to the rescue of those in a time of need. I think anyone who ran or attended the Boston Marathon would tell you to “Do It”! Do it for you…and the pretty medal and all the things it symbolizes. Americans will never lay down for terrorist….and you are about as American as they come! Good Luck!!

    Blog us and tell us how it goes 🙂

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