Episode 3: Rodeo Girls… Ok I’ll admit it, I think I may have puked a little in my mouth!

rodeogirlsSo despite the title of this post I’m still standing behind my belief that the publicity that Barrel Racing is getting with the airing of this show, is only positive. But I have to admit that the dating scene on top of the hay pod of Marv’s trailer did make me puke a little bit in my mouth. Having said that, the look on Jessica’s face when Anthony tells her that their date is on top of the trailer is priceless. You can tell she is thinking the same thing that we all were thinking, “Why would anyone want to go on a date the top of a trailer.” But I get it, the producers have no idea that this type of thing is totally cheesy and no one in their right mind, in any world of horses would probably find this sweet. Well maybe one or two, but not many. Fact is, it is hot up there, and most everyone on the rodeo grounds can see you…dating on display… really not many people’s cup of tea. Jessica reacts to Anthony’s cheesy attempts at romance the same way that we all would. The look on her face continues to scream, “I can’t believe I agreed to do this show! Anthony are you seriously saying this crap to me right now?” As scripted, he tries to call her a hard *ss that is afraid to let her guard down. She responds like any cowgirl would by shooting him straight and saying she’s just being her. For me, this scene was almost painful to watch, but I got through it.

This episode showed the highly controversial Bikini barrel race. Which made me laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. Bikini barrel racing (although not part of rodeo) has been around for many years. Obviously this was put in the show just for the sex appeal of it all. During this part, all I could think about was how bad it would hurt to hit a barrel with your skin completely exposed. It hurts when you have pants on, but at least the jeans add a centimeter of some padding. There is a lot of smack talk, which I have a feeling is added in with a little help from the wonderful A&E producers because I have a feeling that these girls are not really this catty in real life.

Then Ty gets his clothes stolen because for some reason he is taking a shower outside of Marv’s $80,000 dollar Bloomer (that’s a guess, and a minimum estimate). Also something probably completely set up by A&E. But it added some cute screaming and funny banter. In the first episode Marv does say that she has busted pipes in the trailer from a freeze so maybe that’s why he was showering outside.

The funny thing about the whole Anthony and Jessica romance is that she obviously doesn’t want to jump into a relationship and wants to focus on her barrel racing, but Anthony (producers really) are pushing the romance above and beyond it’s natural speed. The drama of the barrel racers needing to win to pay their way down the road and fill their permits would have been enough to base an entire episode on, but you can tell the show’s creators had other ideas. Jessica’s huge disappointment of hitting a barrel to fill her permit is just barely mentioned and blazed over. Later she is shown having to sell one of her favorite trophy saddles, which was very sad for me to watch her have to do. (I’m assuming she really had to sell it).

Ok… I’m going to stop now. If you want to watch, here is the link to episode 3.


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