WPRA puts hold on 2017 ERA Barrel Racers

wpra-logoThrough a Facebook Live post, social media sensation and rodeo competitor Fallon Taylor announced that the WPRA is putting a hold on her membership for the 2017 rodeo season. In the post, Taylor proclaimed her strong commitment to the ERA, saying that she would continue competing in the ERA and choose that organization over the WPRA. Although the news about the WPRA’s new ruling is very compelling; that no barrel racer can compete in a WPRA event when they hold shares in a competing organization…. the real question is how does this effect the three barrel racers (Lisa Lockhart, Sarah Rose Mcdonald, and Taylor Jacob) that are currently in the top 15 of the WPRA standings and headed to the NFR?

The Cowgirl Manifesto contacted the WPRA office to get answers.

  • Office staff confirmed that this will not effect the current 2016 WPRA Barrel Racing standings and will not effect the three girls that are currently on the ERA roster and hold a top 15 spot.
  • The rule will go into effect for the 2017 season.
  • The rule summarized states that a WPRA member can not hold shares in a competing organization.

Taylor also announced that all of the ERA tour stops have been cancelled until their Championship in Dallas. The ERA website is not showing any additional stops. Neither the ERA nor the WPRA have provided press releases on the matter.







  1. This is unbelievable…… Why does it matter what these girls chose to do???? Isn’t this being a little controlling???¿

      1. Most professional sports have people under contract and in return, pay their people a salary. With professional rodeo, you are on your own, so to speak, to pay entries and recoup rewards only if you win. Big difference.

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