Texas By Way of California

I know a lot of you gals are dreaming of Texas. I know I used to, but I don’t have to anymore because I moved here 5 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made other than going to college and falling in love with barrel racing. I’ve also lived in Colorado and New Mexico and I can say there really is nothing like this state.

If you ever move here, I want to help you with your transition so I’ve provided you this list in an effort to help you not stick out when you finally make the big move.

#1 Don’t say “y’all”! It never comes out natural and you will never sound like a Texan when you say it. I’m not saying that you should go around screaming that you are an outsider, just know that “y’all” doesn’t flow well with “like” and “you guys.” You can add a drawl to your “bye” and “oil” and no one will know the difference.

#2 Gravy in Texas is like Guacamole is in California. You don’t need an excuse to put it on anything and if you can make it from scratch and make it taste delicious, then you will be an instant celebrity.

#3 No one here knows what a thigh gap is….. This is a perfect and wonderful thing.

#4 They are called exhibitions not time-onlies and if you want one you better start standing in line at the entry office at least two hours before it opens.

#5 Hay is called Hay and Grain is called Feed. Everyone “Feeds” twice a day and that includes grain.

#6 Hay is mostly two stranded and you will curse a three strand bale after you realize how much easier it is to move a smaller bale.

#7 Hot is considered anything over 95. Cold is considered anything under 60. Get used to it.

#8 Ice is worse than snow.

#9 You will need approximately 3 head of horses if you want to go to every barrel race within a 50 miles radius.

#10 Summer is tire blowing season. Get your tires checked in the spring and learn how to change your own tires.


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