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Love, Love, Love, Love! I have thought deep and hard about this subject and although I’m not sure you can really package up the whole idea with a clear-cut definition. It’s easy to determine what it is not! I have often joked that love is parking as far away from the water as possible and not complaining about carrying the bucket all the way back to the trailer for someone. I know, probably not love, but at least proof that a second date is in store. This joke has led to an affectionate saying a dear friend of mine and I have when I am feeling down. This person says, “Don’t worry, I’ll still carry your bucket for ya!” It makes me smile just thinking about it. So there it is in a nutshell. We are all just looking for a water bucket carrier!

The End.

Just kidding. He he. I crack myself up.

I have experienced many types of love and I know that there are many more types that I have yet to experience. But the topic today is going to be Romantic Love. I was going to try to describe to you what I think romantic love is, but to be completely honest, I have no flipping idea. I’m not a mushy person, most romantic stuff really actually embarrasses me. I don’t like the attention. I’m more of a, “Wow, you unsaddled my horse and put the saddle up exactly the way I like it!” kind of girl. Finish it off with a kiss. Now that’s my kind of romance.

Seriously, maybe my calling is to write romance novels for girls that ride. We are a different breed. Heck there really needs to be a book on how to date a barrel racer. I know there are ways to make it happen. There are couples out there that have been happily married for decades. [note to self: start interviewing married rodeo couples for book and personal growth].  I do know one thing though. It isn’t about the ring.  My ring from my previous marriage was gigantic. So big I couldn’t close my fingers and not insured for enough, so I didn’t dare take it out to the barn. It was beautiful, people would point at it sometimes when I was out in public. But the marriage was crap and the ring stood for nothing. It was just something shiny to look at. The next time I get married, I just want a wedding band.  I want my marriage to be more substantial than the ring. Besides, if a man buys me anything having to do with platinum that costs several thousands of dollars, it better be a trailer or he’s in a lot of trouble.

My dear cousin and her husband (who does fall under the water bucket carrier category, bless his heart) had their honeymoon in a parking lot in Santa Barbara, California, during the ProRodeo there. I thought it was romantic.  I would like to do something along those lines. I think I’d want to get married at City Hall. Texas has so many beautiful old towns. I would just pick the prettiest City Hall and then get hitched there and have one heck of a party. Sincere and Simple.

I’m not saying I don’t have a soft heart. I love holding hands and all the good stuff. I even have a playlist called “Love” on my phone. All songs with the word love, some romantic, some angry, some mushy. But my idea of a great date is probably a little different: Picnic on the roof of the trailer or in the truck bed * Love notes on a Daysheet* A game of horseback tag (haven’t done that in 15 years) would be more our style. That’s if we are being creative.

So, If you don’t know what it’s like to stare through someones eyes. It’s just magical. If you haven’t ever done it, you are missing out. If I have any regrets so far in this life, my only one would be that I wish I would have loved more foolishly. I am too guarded and I protect myself at all costs and even when I thought my heart was as broken as it could be. I still recovered. After that, one of the things I’ve realized is that if it is that resilient, I should have taken more chances. I didn’t give myself enough credit. I should have danced when no one else was dancing, rode ferris wheels when asked, and been more playful…. laid it all out on the table.

So this Valentines Day! Take your chances. I mean, someone dedicated an entire day for us to make an ass out of ourselves for the sake of love. Don’t wait till next year. Do it now! And if you missed Valentines Day! Do it anyways, you have nothing to lose!

So tell me your love story or tell me what you think the perfect date would be!

“Love” Playlist

Always The Love Song, Eli Young Band

Don’t Tell Me U Love Me, Kid Rock

God Only Knows, The Beach Boys

All you Need is Love, The Beatles

Don’t think I can’t Love You, Jake Owen

Give A Little Love, The Judds

Love in this Club, Usher

Love Love Love, Tristan Prettyman

Love Can Build A Bridge, The Judds

This Ain’t No Love Song, Trace Adkins

Where is the Love, Black Eyed Peas

You Can’t Hurry Love, The Supremes

Young Love, The Judds


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