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BFF riding at 6 months

“It’s getting harder and harder to put my spurs on,” she said while talking about her 8th month of pregnancy. The very quote just made me giggle inside. My first thought, “That can’t be normal! Don’t most women “that” pregnant complain about water retention, back aches, and everything else?” Well that may be the case with other women, but the gals I hang with, they don’t roll like that. Their main concern is if they still fit in the saddle and how they are going to get their spurs on. I don’t know if I found them or they found me, but my entire life I have been surrounded by these types of women. Which has left me with a challenge in the past of finding a man who is as strong as the women I’m surrounded by? I don’t mean to sound all women’s lib, but most of the gals I hang with, can not only do a women’s job, but also a man’s. Another hard thing was finding someone who was secure enough with the fact that I may not ask for help unloading ten 50 lbs bags of grain (that’s 500 lbs total), just simply because I know that I can get it done now, rather than waiting for their available help. “Easy boys, I’m not trying to take away your masculinity. I’m just trying to get the job done, so that I can go inside and cook dinner!”

BOY NOTE: This why it is important for you to come running over to help us gals unload the grain, when you see us unloading it. Don’t say you will do it later. I probably need it done right now for a reason. That’s why I’m doing it!

You know how they say that people can lift cars off of their children in cases of an emergency? I totally believe it. The gals in my life have proved it. A matter of fact if terrorists ever think about attacking the US again, I would suggest they stay away from the rural areas of America because I’m pretty sure that a bunch of pissed off cowgirls would have fun getting even! I would love to be a recruiter for that Army.

My Mom during a photoshoot

Back to the Gals: My mother was one of the founding members of the United Stunt Women’s Association. She was in a lot of commercials and movies in the 70’s and 80’s. When kids at school would talk about how cool their mom was, all I had to do was ask if THEIR mom had ever jumped off a building. Yep, no one could beat that. My grandmother used to tell me stories of her childhood in El Paso and how her school teacher would keep a shotgun underneath the desk for protection just in case Pancho Villa were to invade. It doesn’t stop there, my Sister-In-Law pursued a PhD in Chemistry and maintained perfect fitness by swimming in a pool while carrying my twin nephews. I have a best friend that helped me change a tire 20 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada in 110 degree heat while she was 3 months pregnant. We took turns trying to break the lugs loose. She never once, not once complained, even though she wanted to sleep like 20 hours a days and was still feeling nauseous. She also ran barrels that weekend. I have another friend that wouldn’t let her husband take her to the hospital to have a baby because she needed to ride her horse first. And Another that waited a little too long and her water broke on a horse while at a roping.One of my proudest moments was also watching another one of my friends tune on a horse, drink a cocktail and discipline her kids all at the same time.  Now that’s multi-tasking. These people are amazing!

Blown Tire outside of Las Vegas, NV

So when I decided to load up a 28′ livestock trailer with everything I owned, all previously packed neatly in a storage unit just outside of the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation and decided to buy a house out in the country, 2,000 miles away from my original hometown. It didn’t really seem like a big deal.  I guess they call it, “Moxie.” It means courage, vigor, guts, spunk. My ex-husband hated this about me. The only way we were going to be able to make it was if I let go of this part of me. But how could I do that with the amazing examples that I had by my side my entire life.  Some how we were able to date and get married without him ever realizing I was this type of person. Wow, I guess love is blinding.

So tell me about your Moxie in the comments below? I would also love to hear stories about your friends and family that have served as a strong-willed example?

Live. Laugh. Love being a Foxy Moxie Mama!


  1. I made it in a blog, I am FAMOUS!! LOL 🙂 This is a great article Marissa 🙂 I love reading your blog and I love your MOXIE 🙂

    1. PS Wheel covers or whatever those silly things were on the outside of the rims are NEVER a good idea! LOL 🙂

  2. Well written, and so many of the reasons I think you are so darn SPECIAL. Don’t you ever change for any man!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marissa, dear person–Being fairly new to Facebook, and sort of “Technically Challenged” this is the very FIRST blog I have ever read! You write wonderfully, and I SO agree with you. I was lucky in that my late husband decided that an independent woman was A Good Thing, and so let me be one. That stood me in good stead when he died, after 40 years of marriage. Keep it up, kiddo!

  4. Yes, when I am unloading 50 lb sacks of grain or dog food, don’t ask, just come over and help if you want to …… I don’t have time to wait until tomorrow.

    And if you want me to bring the cattle into the pens ….. just say so. Don’t come out and try to “help” me in the pick up. Terah

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