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Horseman’s Affirmations

Horseman’s Affirmations

1. I am a strong capable rider.

2. I am soft with my hands.

3. I have a solid seat.

4. I have timing and feel.

5. I will not let losses get to my head.

6. I will think positively of other riders.

7. I will take my future wins gracefully.

8. I will give my horse the benefit of doubt.

9. I will prepare my horse for competitions.

10. I will use my mistakes to launch growth.

11. I will speak kindly of my own ability.

12. I am thankful every time I come out of the arena safely.

13. I am grateful for the vets, farriers, chiropractors, etc. that keep my horse feeling his best.

14. I’m thankful for the farmers that cut my hay and harvested the grain.

15. My horse and I have a strong connection.


Hold my Horse


Here hold my horse.

I’m hungry.

I’m thirsty.

I need to go to the bathroom.

It’s hot.

It’s cold.

The stalls need cleaned.

The horses need fed.

He’s not listening.

I hate him.

I love him.

Can we enter this?

Can we enter that?

The tack needs loaded.

When was the last time you cleaned his water?

Go ride your horse.

I’m tired.

So am I.

Do your homework.

Put his boots on.

Did you clean his feet?

We’re not going, unless you ride.


Unloading feed.


Miles upon Miles.



That was our best run ever.

Thank you.

Dear “I used to be in the 1D”
















Dear “I used to be in the 1D,”

I see you.

You stand in the alley quietly, as if invisible.

Loud chatter rolls by as you hear the latest and greatest cackle over their runs.

You think no one sees you.

But I do.

I remember when you were the “One.”

All you had to do was enter, pretty much always guaranteed a check.

It really wasn’t that long ago, but our sport moves on quickly and yesterday’s champions are barely noted.

Your saddle leather is worn, but because of its quality, it doesn’t look old.

You’ve moved past using your trophy tack because you know the win was so much more than a buckle, saddle, or breast collar.

You understand the magic of being humble, as you’ve seen the biggest talkers fall the hardest.

Every once in a while you will offer advice, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

They ask for the alley to be cleared.

And you walk out.

Relaxed. Soft Handed. Graceful.

I see you.


The Cowgirl Manifesto

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