Stable Staples: How the Porta Grazer Feeder Made My Horses Happier!

As a horse owner, the quest for the perfect feeding solution is an ongoing journey. It’s not just about ensuring our horses are well-fed; it’s about finding a method that’s efficient, clean, and promotes the horse’s natural grazing behavior. Enter the Porta-Grazer, a product that I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying out. Here’s my take on how this innovative feeder made a difference in my barn routine and made my horses happier.

Cleaner Stalls, Happier Horse

One of the first things I noticed after introducing the Porta-Grazer to my stall was the remarkable reduction in mess. My horse is a bit of a messy eater. Traditional feeding methods often ended up with hay all over the stall, creating not only more work for me but also a mess for her. This feeder with its unique design, kept my hay contained. This led to a noticeably cleaner stall, which meant a savings in bedding and less time cleaning stalls.

Convenient Feeding, More Time for Riding

Feeding time has always been a bit of a logistical challenge for me. Especially during this time of year when I have limited hours to ride after work. Free feeding without waste can be a challenge. The Porta-Grazer made this process much simpler. Its large capacity meant that my horse had a constant supply of hay. I used the XL Traveler Set which holds about 3-4 Large flakes of coastal. I got about 3-4 feedings out of it, meaning I only had to check the feeder and give grain while using it. The XL Traveler Set also included the lid to the feeder, which could be used for a water. It conveniently holds about 9 gallons of water.

Reducing Waste, Saving Money

One of the most surprising benefits of using the Porta-Grazer was the noticeable reduction in hay waste. I noticed that there didn’t appear to be chafe at the bottom of the feeder, as I expected there would be. My horse seemed to eat what was there and not sort through it like she has done in the past.

Encouraging Natural Grazing Behavior

Perhaps the most delightful aspect of the feeder was watching how my horse was engaged in a more natural eating behavior. Horses are designed to graze, and the Porta-Grazer allows them to eat in a head-down position, pulling hay through small openings. The feeder top falls with gravity and the pushing motion of the horse spinning it. This not only slows down their eating, which is better for their digestion, but it also keeps them entertained and engaged. The activity of ‘grazing’ from the feeder has made my horse happier.

Porta Grazer Feeder Top

The Porta-Grazerâ„¢ has been a game-changer in my barn. I plan to use it with higher strung horses that needs to be occupied in a stall. Its impact on reducing waste, keeping stalls cleaner, and making feeding more convenient has been remarkable. More importantly, it has contributed positively to my horse’s wellbeing by encouraging natural grazing behavior. For any horse owner looking for a practical, efficient, and horse-friendly feeding solution, I highly recommend giving the Porta-Grazer a try. It’s not just a feeder; it’s a step towards a happier, healthier horse and a more enjoyable barn experience.

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