The Great Bell Boot Search

Ladies and Gentlemen….the search for the missing bell boot is over! After many frustrating accounts of trying to find the bell boots for each of my horses and finding myself extremely frustrated, I have  finally done something about it. The solution to all of my problems included a snap, string, bracket, and two small screws.

 Thanks to this handy dandy little hanger, the bell boots are now easy to access and I can use the ones I want to rather than the ones that surface first! It was a simple process:

1. Supplies. Heavy duty string, parachute cord, or small rope (about two foot, you can cut it to your desired length) Two small metal screws (if your brush boxes are plastic then you don’t need metal screws), bracket and snap. Make sure that your screws are long enough to get through the metal but short enough that they’re not sticking out far on the inside of the box. I don’t want you to cut your hand. If you are screwing into metal you will probably need to pre-drill the holes. That’s what I had to do. Make sure you use a drill bit that is just slightly smaller than the screw because if you use one too large it won’t thread and if you use one too small the screw will break when you try to screw it into the metal (I learned that the hard way. Maybe have a couple extra screws on hand just in case). Of course you will need a drill for screwing the screws and drilling the holes.

2. Put the bracket where you want it to go and drill the first hole. Once the hole is drilled, screw first screw into the bracket and brush box, attaching the bracket on one side.

3. Drill the second hole and then attach the screw to the second side.

4. Tie cord to bracket and then tie snap to other side.

5. Feed cord through bell boots and then snap the snap into bracket or you can snap the snap first and then use the Velcro to put the bell boots on the hanger.

It took me about thirty minutes to do and was only about $5 worth of material. I had everything I needed except for the snap and bracket and I bought those at my local Tractor Supply.

Good luck!

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