Whatever Floats your Float? Obviously not a Horse!

Well folks, as far as I’m concerned, the New Year started today, Monday, January 2nd. I think yesterday was a wash. When I woke up and turned the channel to watch the Rose Parade, like I do almost every new years, I was met with the utter disappointing fact that it was actually on Monday, the 2nd. I guess the Rose Parade has a “never on a Sunday” rule that keeps it from ever occurring on that day. So yesterday I was completely lost. Obviously I made it and thanks to my digital recorder got to watch it after a scheduled conference call this morning.

But guess what???? It Sucked!

Ok maybe that is a little harsh, but let me tell you. The programming was two hours long and I saw maybe 10 floats, 3 marching bands and not one, yes let me repeat not ONE horse that was actually showcased. Oh I take that back they did show Roy Roger’s stuffed horse, which was a little disturbing.

What was also disturbing was the number of international entries in the parade. I’m sorry, maybe I’m just a “Downhome Southern California” girl, but when did we get so out of touch with our community that the Rose Parade not only didn’t have that many floats from California, let alone the United States. (At least that they showed on TV)

I’ve never understood the idea behind a parade other than to have fun being in one, or watching someone you knew be in one. Are they supposed to promote branding among businesses? Is it just a contest of who can build the best float? Are they supposed to celebrate the holiday in which they are set on? I of course love watching the rose parade because I love the way that the flowers are showcased. I appreciate the detail and the intricacies of the float. I also love seeing floats that are created by businesses, schools and universities that I have either attended or I am familiar with. Which brings up another topic, they didn’t show the Cal Poly Float in my version (obviously edited for a later showing) of the telecast. They mentioned that it was one of the only floats that was completely constructed of organically grown flowers solely from California, but they didn’t show it. Instead I got to witness the Mayor of Pasadena (who had gum in his mouth the whole time) talk to some girl from Wisconsin who looked freakishly uncomfortable with how close he was sitting  to her. Having said that I loved the way he talked and that was about the only thing that kept me from throwing one of my ultra stuffed pillows at the tv, while I was having a fit over the fact that  they weren’t showing me floats during the Rose Parade.

I don’t understand why it is so cool not to be “small town” in California. It’s like the entire state’s vision to be so open minded is blinding the wonderful “small” things that used to make that state great! I will always remember my grandparents telling me how pretty the orange groves used to be outside of Los Angeles and I’ll try to imagine the dreams that followed everyone to California when they moved there and how powerful they were when they came to fruition. I hope that someday those visions, thoughts, and passionate dreams make it back to my home town.


  1. I did see a nice close-up George Lane driving one of the Wells Fargo Coaches. Both Dana and Elena worked for the Lane’s exercising the coach horses although neither ever attend the Rose Parade with them.

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